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Harmony Seeker

Relaxation, de-stressing and holiday tranquility are guiding stars for the Harmony seeker. For this persona, the word travel means recovery and recharging energy, which is what the Harmony seeker strives for on their travels. Beautiful views, cozy accommodation and activities that fill the energy depots, such as spas, yoga and peaceful walks in nature reserves, are on the wish list. The harmony seeker usually does not turn down a dip in the sea on a hot summer day, nor a healing forest bath in a Scanian beech forest.

Avis Roadtrip Guide Persona Harmonisökaren

West coast down – East coast up

Enjoy the best Sweden's two sea coasts have to offer on a road trip down around Sweden's southern tip and up again! Our coasts – the West Coast with its scent of salty seas and old fishing communities and the East Coast with its beautiful archipelagos and rolling coastal landscapes – are the best for both foodies and adventurers, but also for those looking for relaxation to replenish their energy reserves. On the West Coast, you can feast on fresh seafood and local delicacies, visit charming villages and snorkel in crystal clear water. On the way up the East Coast, you can, for example, try surfing in Kåseberga, dressage cycling in Tomelilla and end the evenings at some of the award-winning restaurants that line the coastline. All along this route there are plenty of opportunities to explore beautiful beaches and visit some of Sweden's most fantastic nature reserves.


Around Vänern

Embark on an exciting road trip around Vänern, Sweden's largest lake, and discover a diversity of landscapes, culture and adventure along the way. With its crystal clear water, picturesque villages and historical sights, Lake Vänern invites you to an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sweden. Explore the dramatic coastlines and pristine forests along the way. Stop for hikes through lush valleys and climbs along mountain ranges for breathtaking views of the lake. Discover the many nature reserves and parks along Lake Vänern's shores, where you can paddle, cycle or just enjoy the silence. Each stop offers a new chance to immerse yourself in nature and create lifelong memories.



Småland is a dynamic landscape with everything from the changing highlands 200 meters above sea level to beautiful dense forests with lakes. The landscape has attracted creative and driven talents for several generations and has therefore given rise to several Swedish cultural gems such as the Kingdom of Glass, the IKEA museum, the Möbelmuseet and of course Astrid Lindgren's Näs. There is also plenty of fun for a family with children to experience here, such as Astrid Lindgren's world, Sagobygden, Katthult & Bullerbyn and High Chaparall (for those of you who like the West). The region is also dotted with old mansions, fantastic castles, spas, beach hotels and lake baths for those looking for peace on holiday.


Gotland and Fårö

Am I on an island in the Mediterranean? In a rolling meadow landscape in Tuscany? Well, you are on beautiful Gotland! With its unique nature and fantastic culture, Sweden's largest island is a summer paradise perfect for driving around. Here you can visit nature reserves with raukar in all kinds of shapes, rugged stone beaches but also chalk-white sandy beaches on Fårö and swim in turquoise water in old limestone quarries. It spans no more than 16 miles from Fårö in the north to Hoburgen in the south, but behind every other curve something worth seeing, doing, eating or experiencing awaits. Sommargotland spells holiday relaxation and gastronomy. In the summers, slumbering villages wake up from their slumbers and transform into high-class restaurants, creperies, cafes, yoga retreats and farms to visit.


Norrland's midland

Welcome to Norrland's interior, where adventure and nature experiences await around every corner. From Hälsingland's forests and old Hälsine farms to Nämforsen's rock carvings, the inland offers great variety and unique experiences. Join us on a hike through the mighty mountains, go on a paddle trip along the crystal clear waters or swim in foaming rapids. Discover the rich culture and history of the small villages, where traditions live on from generation to generation. Regardless of whether you are looking for adventure or peace and quiet, a trip to Norrland's hinterland will enrich your holiday!