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The adventurer is an active person who never sits still on vacation. A sun holiday by the pool at an all inclusive hotel is an adventurer's nightmare. Things should be found here, preferably physical activities in nature, such as kayaking, snorkelling, hiking and surfing. The adventurer is not afraid of a challenge but likes to try new kinds of activities. Outdoor life beckons and this persona often prefers camping, camping with the car or sleeping under the open sky rather than staying in a hotel.

Avis Roadtrip Guide Persona Äventyraren


Welcome to Dalarna, where nature and culture unite in a magical symbiosis. Rolling valleys meet majestic mountains and sparkling lakes in pristine beauty. Traditional villages with red cottages and colorful gourd paintings tell of Sweden's cultural heritage. Experience the rich folk art with the playful shapes of the Dala horses and the details of the Kurbit paintings. Join in the festivities from the inviting midsummer celebrations, where community, joy and budding vegetation are celebrated. Regardless of whether you are looking for adventure in nature or cultural immersion, Dalarna invites you to an unforgettable journey.



It is not for nothing that Värmland has been praised for its beauty. For its beautiful nature, with its forests, rivers, waterfalls and mountains, Värmland is a fantastic region to road trip and adventure in. Here there are countless hiking trails in fabulous nature reserves, the possibility of kayaking in the rivers and lots of bathing spots for a refreshing dip. At the same time, Värmland is one of Sweden's best cultural gems, having nurtured some of our most prominent writers, artists and musicians. For a culture seeker, Värmland is perfect to travel around, as most cities and towns can offer a plethora of cultural monuments, such as Lars Lerin's Sandgrund, the Nobel Museum and Selma Lagerlöf's Mårbacka.


Vättern runt

The area around Lake Vättern offers a wealth of natural treasures and cultural sights that attract visitors from near and far. From Omberg's dramatic cliffs to the charming towns along the lake's shores, such as Gränna and Vadstena, there is a diversity of experiences to explore. Here, history and nature meet in a harmonious balance, where visitors can hike through forests, explore medieval castles and monasteries, or simply enjoy relaxing along the lake's beautiful shores. The Vättern area offers something for everyone - from adventurous explorers to families looking for fun activities and relaxation in nature.


Vänern runt

Ge dig ut på en spännande roadtrip runt Vänern, Sveriges största sjö, och upptäck en mångfald av landskap, kultur och äventyr längs vägen. Med sitt kristallklara vatten, pittoreska byar och historiska sevärdheter bjuder Vänern in till en oförglömlig resa genom Sveriges hjärta. Utforska de dramatiska kustlinjerna och de orörda skogarna längs vägen. Stanna till för vandringar genom frodiga dalgångar och klättringar längs bergskedjorna för hisnande utsikter över sjön. Upptäck de många naturreservaten och parkerna längs Vänerns stränder, där du kan paddla, cykla eller bara njuta av stillheten. Varje stopp erbjuder en ny chans att fördjupa dig i naturen och skapa minnen för livet. 


The Baltic coast up to Luleå

If you take the east coast road up to northern Norrland, you can expect a diversity of culture and adventure along the way. Explore historic sites such as the heritage-listed Gammelstad in Luleå, visit old Hälsingegårds or take a detour and drive the Art Route Sju Älvar for fantastic outdoor art. If you are more of an adventurer, you can go on walks along the coastline, where you can enjoy dramatic cliffs and wide stretches of sandy beaches. Explore national parks such as Höga Kusten and Skuleskogen for a true nature experience. Whether you're looking for exciting adventure or a deep dive into the wings of history, the East Coast Road has a lot to offer.


Norrland's midland

Welcome to Norrland's interior, where adventure and nature experiences await around every corner. From Hälsingland's forests and old Hälsine farms to Nämforsen's rock carvings, the inland offers great variety and unique experiences. Join us on a hike through the mighty mountains, go on a paddle trip along the crystal clear waters or swim in foaming rapids. Discover the rich culture and history of the small villages, where traditions live on from generation to generation. Regardless of whether you are looking for adventure or peace and quiet, a trip to Norrland's hinterland will enrich your holiday!


West coast down – East coast up

Enjoy the best Sweden's two sea coasts have to offer on a road trip down around Sweden's southern tip and up again! Our coasts – the West Coast with its scent of salty seas and old fishing communities and the East Coast with its beautiful archipelagos and rolling coastal landscapes – are the best for both foodies and adventurers, but also for those looking for relaxation to replenish their energy reserves. On the West Coast, you can feast on fresh seafood and local delicacies, visit charming villages and snorkel in crystal clear water. On the way up the East Coast, you can, for example, try surfing in Kåseberga, dressage cycling in Tomelilla and end the evenings at some of the award-winning restaurants that line the coastline. All along this route there are plenty of opportunities to explore beautiful beaches and visit some of Sweden's most fantastic nature reserves.



Welcome to Öland – an outstanding destination for the whole family. Here you will encounter dramatic coastal cliffs, long beaches and lush meadows in a natural beauty. Öland not only attracts with its nature, but also with its unique dining experience where you can enjoy fresh seafood and local delicacies along the coast. For the nature lover, there are exciting adventures to discover, with coastal paths, bird watching and bike rides through the meadows. For the family, Öland offers fun activities such as the zoo and pirate adventures. Whether it's food, nature or family adventure you're looking for, Öland will enchant you with its charm and diversity. Pack your bags and head off to Öland - where a magical holiday awaits you!